Ethics and Compliance

Our employees have built a reputation that will endure and grow because of our commitment to achieving a high level of ethics and integrity. Since our founding, we have remained dedicated to earning and strengthening the trust of the people we serve. We understand that we cannot succeed in our business without maintaining our reputation with members, employers, physicians, regulators, bankers and vendors.

Our newly refreshed Code of Business Ethics and Conduct celebrates the geographic diversity of our company, employees and members. New hire and annual ethics and compliance training, which includes Privacy and Information Security, provides an engaging experience for employees to help them better understand the Code, their responsibilities and the process for ethical decision making. The support of all of our employees has been a linchpin of our Ethics and Compliance Program’s extraordinary success.

Policies and Procedures
Our company is founded on basic principles of good business behavior, which are applicable to all employees including its board of directors. Among these principles is a commitment to comply with the laws and regulations that govern our business as well as the operations of our majority-owned subsidiaries.

Our policy is to deter the occurrence of unethical or unlawful behavior, to detect as early as possible such behavior whenever it occurs, to appropriately disclose such behavior to authorities and to actively and fully cooperate in any investigation or regulatory inquiry.